You don’t need a filter to feel pretty

Hello Beautiful!

Happy Monday by the way! It feels so good to write you again. I have to tell you this….I had the most amazing weekend. Lets just say, it was an adventure. From the little drives to the beach and hikes with gorgeous waterfalls. I think I might surprise you later with a random post of what that looked like. It was bliss! I hope your weekend was incredible, you deserve it. Always make your life exciting, because it’s way too beautiful not too.

Real talk, I have my moments like any other girl. I have been trying to achieve the unattainable lately, I don’t think that’s too good. What’s beautiful and what’s perfect is the natural state of you. Just because I work in this amazing industry which I truly love, doesn’t mean I have it all together. I think it’s easy to get caught up in a flawless image. But what explodes and changes lives, is different and what’s different is YOU!

I didn’t wear much makeup and I decided to be as casual and cute as possible. I think this is my favorite style yet. My boss said I was chic in the most effortless way. I love that she said that, because that’s the goal to look effortless. Everything you can find from Cotton On, NYX Cosmetics, Urban Outfitters, and of course my one and only Nordstrom.

Remember who you are! Someone very special taught me that this weekend.

Sending you a hug!

Sincerely yours,



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